We strive to cover commonly asked questions, and provide video tutorials to you, for whatever situation you encounter. If you are unable to find an answer for the question you have feel free to contact Support and a representitive will get back to you with in the next bussiness day (EST).


Items that are on a separate line are shipped in separate packages due to the nature of the how the products are packaged and shipped. The exception are sweatshirts which can ship with t-shirts, bags, and beanies

  • Tracking: Tracking is provided on ALL orders. However, tracking is only valid when in the US. Once the package leaves the US for international orders it will not update.
  • Shipping Packaging: Most packages are shipped in basic white poly bags. There is no branding on the packages, just the return label that features your business name.
  • Return Labels: On the return label we can use any US address you provide or just use our mailing address ( 2 Wurz Ave. Yorkville NY 13495). Due to USPS rules you are unable to use an international address.

Sales Tax

Formerly the burden was on the customer rather than the seller to pay the relevant tax. In that case, the tax generally is called use tax rather than sales tax – and customers often simply did not pay use tax to the state.

If you are selling on the Internet to states around the country, you now will need to be aware of which states have enacted laws requiring the collection of sales tax by online sellers.


You might be wondering, "What will my customers receive in their packages shipped from Print Aura"? The contents of the packages vary depending on what options you have selected in our branding services. For this example, we will include what is shipped in a basic package with no branding services activated.

  • The Shipping Package
  • What's Inside Of The Package:
  • A Garment Care Card
  • A Custom Packing Slip
  • The Item The Customer Ordered
  • Optional Branding Services

Along with the above, you can activate a variety of branding services to include more items in your shipments.

Product Care

  • Washing: Wash inside out with cold water with similar colors using a gentle cycle
  • Ironing: If ironing is necessary, iron inside-out on the lowest setting
  • Drying: Tumble dry low or hang-dry
  • No-Nos: Avoid using bleach and do not dry clean.

Payment process

  • Time Of Sale: Payments for one-time orders or samples can be paid for at the time of sale. Please note that this functionality is currently offered over the phone only, but will be available through the website soon.
  • Credit Card on Record: Future E-commerce merchants will be required to have a credit card or linked paypal account on record to use commercial level accounts.
  • Automatic Payments: You can setup auto payments and not have to worry about a thing. When the order enters Printaura we will charge your credit card or Paypal account for the exact amount of the order. Cancelling automatic payments without an account balance may result in commercial account suspension.
  • Manually Deposit Funds: If an order is sent to us and you do not have automatic billing setup we will send you an email that your order will be on hold and no further orders will be processed until payment is made. You will be prompted to deposit funds into your Printaura account by credit card or Paypal. We offer several options to E-commerce merchants to transfer larger payments at via lower fee methods. Please contact support directly for more information +1(916)668-0677.

Replacement Policy

Unfortunately, every once in a while an issue may occur with an order. We are all only human! If this is the case, we are happy to assist you in any way we can. If the problem occurred as a result of an error on our part, we are more than happy to replace your item if the sale date was within the last 30 days. Check out our full replacment policy to determine if you are eligible for a replacement.

Orders and Turnaround

You are only able to edit or cancel your order when the status is still displays “New” or "On Hold". Once the order goes into processing you can no longer edit or cancel the order. If the order is processing and you need to make a change please contact us about your changes. We do our best to meet your request but once it starts processing we can’t guarantee that it can be edited or canceled.