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Illustrator Vs. Photoshop

I was always really into photography, even as a young child. In the fourth grade I was in the dark room developing my own film. After digital photography made it's debut, I got myself a digital camera and purchased a program called Photoshop. I taught myself to use this program and became very familiar with all of its tools. Years later I became interested in graphic design. I was very stubborn and refused to learn to use Illustrator. The tools seemed the same .. but different at the same time. Instead of adding a new program to my repertoire, I just found ways to do similar things in Photoshop.

At a certain point though .. there were just things Photoshop couldn't do. While you can do a lot in Photoshop, it was originally created for photographic editing, and not graphic design. Its original purpose is obvious in it's limitations with graphic design. I eventually gave in and started teaching myself to use Illustrator. I haven't looked back since!

Getting Started With Illustrator

Using Illustrator for the first time can feel intimidating and overwhelming, even if you are familiar with Photoshop. Don't let that initial feeling turn you away from learning to use this program. There are some great features that are perfect for creating designs for print and branding.

Beginner's Illustrator Video Tutorials

I searched Youtube high and low to find the best beginner's video tutorials, so that you wouldn't have to! Hopefully these simple tutorials will inspire you to check out Illustrator for yourself! If you don't have this program or a creative cloud subscription, you can download a trial version for free.

All About Vector Files

You can use Illustrator to create vector images. Vectors are great for graphically based designs. Find out why!  

Making Shapes

Learning to create shapes is one of the most basic functions in Illustrator. Learning to do this will help set you up for success.  

Distorting Shapes

Now that your know how to make basic shapes using the shape tool, learn how to distort them.  

Using The Pen Tool

Using the pen tool is an Illustrator essential! Learn all about it in these great video tutorials.   Straight Lines  

Creating Curves With The Pen Tool  

Using The Shape Builder

Learn to use the shape builder tool as an alternative way to edit shapes and create designs.  

Text Editing

Learning how to play with text in Illustrator is a great skill to add to your tool belt! This tutorial goes a bit fast, so feel free to pause and re-watch!  

Intermediate Study

Creating a Logo

Now that you have played with and practiced your basic Illustrator tools, it's time to put your new skills to the test! This tutorial is a bit more advanced, and goes quite quickly. I would suggest you pause the video between each step. Go back an repeat the steps if you need. It might take you a while the first time, but this is an excellent way to learn!

More Tutorials

The Adobe website has an amazing Illustrator Video Tutorial Library that is great for people who are just starting out, or people who have been using Illustrator for years.

Are there other Illustrator tutorial videos you would like to see? Let us know in the comment section below!

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