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Did You Add Your Products Correctly?

People adding their products incorrectly is a mistake we see time and time again. Most often, people will only upload the mock-up files, and not the image files.

Here are some examples of correctly and incorrectly added products:


What Is A "Bit"?

When we talk about the number of "bits" in reference to images, we are simply talking about the amount of tonal variation in the image. Understanding the tonal values within an image can help you obtain the best print possi...

png problems

What Is A .PNG File?

A .png file, or a "Portable Network Graphics" file is a file type that was designed primarily for web and screen use. The primary function of this file type is to allow for transparency at any level to be published to t...

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Easy Set Up

We know introducing new cell phone cases means that out members have to take the time to set up new products. We know setting up a new product can be a little tricky the first time around. That's why we have provided easy to use...

Free Design Resources

It wasn't long ago that I was in a similar to position to many of you. I had a passion for design, but was just starting out. My budget was tight but my desire to create was strong. Luckily it keeps getting easier to c...

Difference between CMYK and RGB Color Profiles


Computer monitors emit color as RGB (red, green, blue) light. Although all colors of the visible spectrum can be produced by merging red, green and blue light, monitors are capable of displaying only a limited gamut (i.e., range...