5 Activities To Reignite Your Creativity

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Making a living based on art and creativity can feel like a lot of pressure sometimes. I know that I am not always in the "mood" to produce new art or designs. If you have been wanting to put out new designs, but you're feeling a little stifled, this post is for you!

5 Activities To Reignite Your Creativity

1. Collaborate


Get a group of people together, online or offline, and collaborate on a project together! It can be just for fun or for an actual project. Working with other people and vibing off each other's ideas and techniques is one of the best ways to get inspired. In the end you will have created something you would have never thought to do on your own. It might even make you want to break off and create something totally different than what you've done before!

2. Go To A Gallery


Being around art and people who appreciate art can work wonders for your creativity! Take in all types of art, new and old. Strike up a conversation with someone about a piece that speaks to you. If you don't have any galleries nearby there are tons of inspiring places online to check out other people's art. You can check out sites like Behance, DeviantArt, or find artists to follow on Instagram.

3. Go Outside


Nothing inspires quite like nature. If you live in a city and nature is hard to find, take a day trip out to somewhere where things aren't so crowded and rushed. Slowing your day down and appreciating the art that's all around us can be inspiring. If you are more inspired by the hustle and bustle of the city, go there! Take a walk in an area you haven't explored yet. Take a notebook or use a camera to document things that make you feel something. Go through your notes and create something based on what you felt and saw.

4. Let It Flow


Grab a sketch book, put on some music, and just go for it. Try not to worry about whether it's perfect or not. Sometimes just getting back in the habit of letting your ideas flow can help you stay on top of your creative game. I know if I go through long periods of not drawing at all, it makes it harder to sit down and start. Nothing gets my creative engines revving like remembering what it feels like to do art for the sake of art.

5. Switch Up Your Medium


Do you spend all your time designing on your computer or tablet? Take a break from the glow of your screen and go old school. Grab a pencil, some paint, some clay, a camera, a musical instrument, or even a power tool! Keeping things fresh and changing up your medium can help when you feel burnt out and need a break from the pressure of creating something to sell.

Whats Your Favorite Trick?

Do you have a specific activity that brings out your creativity? Let us know in the comments down below what gives you new ideas and gets you excited to create!

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