5 Things You Can Accomplish On Your Lunch Break

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The Daily Grind

Many Printaura members start out working on their ecommerce businesses as a side project. It can be tough to make time for the business you want to have when you already working a full time job. The daily grind can be draining, especially if you are spending the majority of your day working for something you are not passionate about. It can even make working on your own projects seem like a massive undertaking. It can be hard to make time and stay motivated to work after you get home from working all day. It takes time, but many of our members have been able to turn their humble side projects into a full time job.

Turning a lunch break into a hour long project productivity session can really work for some people. If your business is something that excites you and gives you energy, why not set aside that time to make progress. Working on your own business while you are still in “work mode” can help keep momentum going, and might also provide a refreshing break from your work day.

5 Things You Can Accomplish On Your Lunch Break

Setting aside just an hour every day to work on your own business can have a big impact in the long run. Take a seat, grab a snack, and check out these 5 things you can accomplish for your business during a lunch break!

1. Schedule out social media posts

You’d be surprised at how much you can get done on social media in a hour. Take some time to schedule out posts for the week. If you are feeling more inspired by ideas than designs, create a content calendar! Content calendars are a great place to store ideas when you are feeling particularly inspired. You can detail out what you want to post and when you want to post it. Having a strategic plan in place can do wonders for your marketing efforts!

2. Catch up on emails and customer service inquiries

This may not be the most invigorating way to spend your lunch hour, but it certainly needs to be done. If you don’t already have a separate email created specifically for your business, I highly recommend creating one. It makes it much easier to keep yourself organized. It’s a bit easier to do this type of work when you are already in a work setting than trying to tackle it once you get home and want to relax.

3. Brainstorm and get creative

A great way to re-energize yourself from a dull morning is to charge up your creative side! Take a pencil and paper outside and sketch out some new product design ideas. Brainstorm ways to market your products or get in front of the right people. Filling your head with new ideas and possibilities is a great way to get excited and reignite motivation. It’s your project. Don’t let anything constrict your creativity!

4. Do a brand identity check in

Sit down and take stock of your efforts. Are the tasks you are completing the progress you are making in line with your brand identity? If you aren’t sure what brand identity is, check out our article on Branding Basics. Take a step back from all of your day to day and week to week tasks, and check to make sure you are staying on the right path. If you’ve gotten off track, make a list of things you can do to get back on the right track.

5. Get motivated and stay educated

Take some time to catch up on industry news. Read a blog or two, listen to a motivational podcast, check out if there are any updates or news for your selling platform, learn something new. Being informed about your market and the ecommerce industry in general is crucial to success in the long run.



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