7 Ways To Break Through A Creative Block

break through creative block

As creative people, we all get a little stuck sometimes. It can be tough to push through a creative block whether it's due to a lack of motivation, inspiration, or something else. Hitting a wall when trying to create used to happen to me a lot more than I would have liked. I'd be on a roll for weeks, then BAM! All the ideas, all the flow, all the inspiration just seemed to be used up. I used to have a really tough time breaking through and pushing past a creative block.

7 Ways To Break Through A Creative Block

I've drawn from my own personal experience and done some research to bring you guys this list of 7 different ways that will help you get out on the other side of a creative block.

1. Leave your comfort zone

Growth happens outside of your comfort zone. I find that my imagination becomes incredibly blocked when I become too comfortable or too stagnant. When I am feeling devoid of any inspiration, I go outside, go somewhere new, or have a new experience. Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone and experiencing new things can be a huge source of inspiration.

2. Back to your roots

Think about why you are doing what you are doing. What got you into it in the first place? When did you find your passion? Do you create to get a message across? Share a feeling? Promote awareness? Get a Laugh? Share beauty? Inspire action? Make someone smile? Help someone express themselves? Inspire confidence? I find that when I hit a wall, remembering why I wanted to share my art with people in the first place helps me get back into a creative space. It can also inspire new ideas about how to accomplish the same goal in different ways.

3. Unburden

Feeling overwhelmed or stressed out is a creativity killer! Find ways to unburden yourself. Often times we take on much more stress than is necessary. Think about the things you are stressed about that you cannot change, and try to let go. Think about the things you can change, and think of ways you can accomplish change, even if it's just small things every day. By unburdening ourselves from stress, we free up space in our minds for creativity and happiness!

You can even relieve stress through art. Don't think about needing to create anything. You don't even have to keep it. Just DO it. Unleash your stress on a canvas. Get all the negative feelings out, then start fresh.

4.Change things up

If your medium of choice is sketching, try painting! If you are a photographer or a digital artist, try sitting down and drawing something by hand. Changing up the means through which you express your creativity can be freeing!

5. Always carry a sketchbook

Carrying a sketch book or a camera around with you is a great way to stay inspired and focused. I can't tell you how many times i've been out and about, though of an amazing idea, only to return home with a blank space where that brilliant idea once was. If you feel inspired of get an idea, write it down, sketch it out, or take a picture of what inspired you.

6. Create a creative space

Think about the space you use to create. Does it reflect you? Does it inspire you? If not, get to work changing things up! A creative work space is a great booster for a creative mind space. Make the place you do your creative work a space where you feel excited to be. You should feel relaxed, inspired, and happy in the space. This is another one of my favorites because the act of doing it and the outcome both help ignite your imagination!

7. Play!

My number one reason for feeling blocked was when art and design started feeling more like work and less like something I enjoyed doing. Deadlines, commissions, expectations.. I felt like I wasn't doing art for myself anymore. And when you aren't enjoying creating anymore, it's VERY hard to feel inspired. If you are feeling a creative block, just play. Throw out all the rules and restrictions you have dealt with in your designs, and do something fun! Do something for yourself.

Other Tips?

I hope this post is helpful for any of you creators and artists out who are experiencing a creative block. Do you have your own ways of pushing past a creative block? Let us know in the comments down below!

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