Is Your Shop Summer Ready?

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Even though the first day of summer isn't officially until June 20th, we are already feeling the heat here in California!

With the first day of summer fast approaching, you should ask yourself ... is my shop summer ready? Summer is a time for exploration, outdoor fun, and relaxation. Students are all on break and the rest of us wish we were! Capture the spirit of summer and share it through your designs.

The changing of the seasons is a great opportunity to add new lines and new items to your store. If you aren’t sure what to add, check out some of our summer favorites.

Summer Apparel

Sleeves start to disappear as the weather warms up. Summer is all about losing the layers and feeling the sun on your skin! Once summer rolls around I swap out my closet from sweaters and jackets to tank tops and dresses. Here are some of our favorite summer apparel items.

Pocket Tees

pocket print

Add a pocket print tee your store today!

Flowy Racerback Tops

Flowy Racerback

View all colors of the Bella + Canvas Flowy Racerback Tank

Slouchy Tank Tops

Slouchy Tank

View all available colors for the Bella+Canvas Ladies' Slouchy Tank

Bamboo Tank Tops

Bamboo Tank

*This is personal summer favorite of mine. It is made partially from bamboo which makes it extremely soft, naturally antibacterial, super breathable, and moisture wicking. This tank is amazing!

View all colors for the Alo Ladies' Racerback Tank

Men’s Tanks

Men's Tank

View all colors for the Bella + Canvas Unisex Jersey Tank

Tank Dresses

Tank Dress

See all the available colors for the Bella + Canvas Tank Dress

Summer Accessories

Beach Totes

Nothing says summer like a day cooling off and hanging out by the water. Whether it’s the beach, the lake, the pool, or the river, everybody needs a beach tote! These bags are a summer staple and I’m never out by the river without one.

Oversized Zip-up Tote

*I own one of these and I love it! You can pack a ton of stuff into one of these totes. It has an extra pocket inside for keys or phones or anything you want to keep separate.

zippered tote

 Boat Tote

Boat Tote

We offer 4 different styles of tote bags. Check out all our tote options!


Whether you are running errands or running on the trail, sunglasses are a must for the summer season. The sun is out and so is that blinding glare! Put your own design spin on some sunglasses for your customers to purchase this summer.


Check out our custom sunglasses.

Trucker Hats

These hats are great for summer! The mesh backing on this hat provides great ventilation that will help keep your head cool in the hotter weather. And of course the bill adds extra sun protection.

trucker hat


Check out our hat options.

All apparel photos via Bella+Canvas

Want More Summer?

If you have ideas for summer items you'd like see, let us know in the comments down below. We always try to offer products that we know will sell well and that our members will enjoy customizing. So let us know! Is there a type of shirt or accessory you've been dying to add to your shop? If we get enough people requesting the same item, there's a chance it'll get added to our products.

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