14 Brilliant Shopify Themes

What Is A Store Theme?

If you're not great with online design or coding, not to worry! There is a theme for that! A store theme is essentially a ready-made template for your online shop. The theme will provide the foundation for a shop design, and you simply customize it to fit your brand! Add your logo, choose your colors, add your products, spruce it up with some imagery, then presto! You're done.

Choosing A Theme

Choosing a theme can be both a fun and frustration process. With so many to choose from, it can be hard to keep your vision clear. It can also be hard to see past the imagery used in examples of theme to see your own brand vision in the theme.

Try to look past the flashy example branding and concentrate on the bones of the theme. Think about these things and decide if they are a good fit for your brand and your vision:

  • How is the home page laid out?
  • How are the products laid out?
  • How are the menus laid out?
  • Does this theme inspire and excite me?
  • Where can you add banners and other imagery?
  • How will my logo fit in with the theme?
  • What do the product pages look like?
  • Is the theme responsive (will it work on mobile)?
  • Will my vision fit into this structure?


14 Brilliant Shopify Themes

There are tons of themes, both free and paid, to choose from. Here are some of our favorites!

Free Themes

1. Venture Price: Free


View Demo

2. Brooklyn Price: Free


View Demo

3. Minimal Price: Free


View Demo

4. Supply Price: Free


View Demo

5. Simple Price: Free


View Demo

6. Boundless Price: Free


View Demo

Paid Themes

7. Parallax Price: $160


View Demo

8. Pacific Price: $180


View Demo

9. Ira Price: $160


View Demo

10. Pipeline Price: $140


View Demo

11. District Price: $160


View Demo

12. Blockshop Price: $140


View Demo

13. Startup Price: $180


View Demo

14. Masonry Price: $180


View Demo

What About You?

Do you have a favorite theme? We know there are lots of places to download themes for Shopify, so let us know if you've found some cool ones we haven't seen!


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