Saying Farewell: Discontinued Items 2022



Every now and then we have to discontinue some of our items. This can happen for a number of different reasons: The manufacturer will discontinue and item and we are no longer able to offer it. There are consistent stock issues with specific items. An item isn't selling or doing well for our members, and we want to make room for new items that will be popular and exciting!

The following items will be officially discontinued on June 26th. If you have any of these items up for sale in your shop, please remove them before the discontinue date.

If you are not currently offering any of these items, please don't add them to your shop.

American Apparel (All)

2007 2102 TR401 2456 2001 2408


949 990B 6750VL 987AN 73000 73500 887L 983 982 880 980


BA3810 -All colors
BA8325 -All colors


8850 -All colors 8852 -All colors B6035 -All colors

3650 -Ashpalt, Berry

6004 - Ash, Asphalt, Chocolate, Turquoise

B6005 -Baby Blue, Ocean Blue,

3200 -Black Heather/Black, Grey/ Emerald Triblend, Grey/ True Royal Triblend, Grey/Charcoal Black Triblend, White Fleck/Navy Tribelnd, White/Black

3200t -Grey/Charcoal Black Triblend, Grey/Red Triblend

3200y - Grey/Red Triblend, White/Black

3001U -Leaf

8816 -Ashpalt Slub, Berry, Black Speckled, Blue Triblend, Charcoal Black Slub, Dark Grey, Deep Heather Speckled, Kelly Green, Mint, Red, Red Speckled, True Royal, White Fleck Triblend, White Marble, White Slub

8815 -Black Marble, Blue Marble, Blue Triblend, Coral, Grey Triblend, Midnight, Mint

B8413 -Charcoal Triblend, Purple Triblend, Green Triblend, Navy Triblend, Aqua Triblend, Clay Triblend

B8800 -Pebble Brown

7501 -Deep Heather/Black, Deep Heather/Navy, Navy Blue

3480 -Ash, Athletic Heather/Black, Athletic Heather/Navy, Black/Athletic Heather, Charcoal Black/Slub Black Triblend, Deep Heather/Red, Leaf, Orange, Team Purple, White/True Royal

8838 -Asphalt Slub, Blue Triblend, Charcoal Black TriBlend, Coral, Grey Triblend, Heather Navy, Heather Olive, Midnight, Mint, Red, True Royal, White Slub


CP15 -All colors CP75 -All colors CP65 -All colors S800 -All colors CP10 -Maroon, Orange, Ravens Purple S1051 -Maroon S1049 -Maroon, Oxford Grey

Fruit of the Loom

SF76R -Firey Red SF72R -Royal Blue SF73R -All colors


F170 -Dark Chocolate F260 -Deep Red F280 -All colors


G420L-All colors 2800 -All colors G230 -All colors 2000T -All colors

2400 -Irish Green

8000 -Azalea

G420B -Cardinal Red, Irish Green, White

2000L -Cardinal Red, Daisy, Dark Chocolate, Forest Green, Iris, Irish Green, Maroon, Orange, Safety Pink, Sapphire

H000 -Berry, Bright Salmon, Cobalt, Daisy, Galapagos Blue, Granite Heather, Iris, Irish Green, Orchid, Paprika, Sport Dark Maroon, Sport Grey, Tropical Blue, Violet

G570 -Black/White, White/ Forest, White/Carolina Blue, White/Maroon

G500VL -Azalea, Coral Silk, Cornsilk, Heather Radiant Orchid

G540L -Ash Grey, Carolina Blue, Garent

64000L- (Rename womens) Cherry Red, Dark Chocolate, Irish Green, Kiwi

2400B -Sapphire, Irish Green, Orange, Purple, Maroon, Light Blue, Light Pink, Charcoal, Ash Grey, Black

2000B -Texas Orange, Dark Chocolate, Sand

G220 -Ash, Charcoal, Gold, Lime


3804 -Red

3804 -Granite Heather, Red, Hot Pink

3821 -Hot Pink, Vintage Smoke, White

3522 -Hot Pink

Next Level

6021 -All colors 2050 -All colors 1560 -All colors 6730 -All colors 6731 -All colors 6740 -All colors 6071 -All colors 6491 -All colors 3533 -All colors 6333 -All colors

6411- Heather Cool Blue, Heather Maroon

6760 -Indigo, Militay Green, Vintage Royal

N1540 -Military Green, Scarlet

6440 -Envy, Royal

6610 -Light Olive, Lilac, Stone Grey

3900 -Dark Chocolate

6051 -Vintage Red/ Black, Desert Pink/Premium Heather, Military Green/Premium Heather

5080 -Ash

6640 Black, Banana Cream, Lilac, Lush, Turquoise, Kelly Green

3352 -Black/White, Hot Pink/White, Kelly/White, Midnight Navy/Dark Grey Heather, Royal/White, Red/White

6410 -Banana Cream, Mint, Tahiti Blue

6240 -Espresso

N3710 -Raspberry, Purple Rush, Tahiti Blue

6010 -Vintage Purple

3310 -Gold, Forest Green

3633 -Kelly Green

6733 -Vintage Purple, Vintage Turquoise

6933 -Red, Hot Pink, Cancun

Royal Apparel

32084 -All colors 25030 -All colors 25060 -All colors 20010 -All colors 32112 -All colors

73112 -Cloudburst

5061ORG -Bark

20060 -Tri vintage gray/Kelly Green, Tri White/Tri Purple

RA5054 -Asphalt, Chocolate

5054ORG -Avacado, Bark

5055 -Asphalt, Chocoalte

20051 -Tri Denim Navy

5062 -Red, Chocolate

20260 -Tri White/Tri Red

17051 -Heather Brown

17055 -Heather Light Blue, Heather Indigo

20052 -Tri vintage gray/Kelly Green, Tri Vintage Grey/Pool

25020 -Tri-Oatmeal

25030 -Tri-Oatmeal

73028 -Midnight, Pewter

2138ORG -Salt/ Nautical Blue, Salt/ Cherry, Salt/ Slate

2138 -White/Asphalt, White/ Burgundy, White/Fuchsia, White/Kelly, White/Navy, White/ Orange White/Pink, White/Royal

20039 -Tri Denim, Tri-Oatmeal

2037ORG -Canary

2035 -Asphalt, Pink, Pale Yellow

20001-Tri Purple, Tri White


CD100 -Carnival, Woodstock

CD101 -Spider Gold, Spider Lime

CD877 -Spider Lime

Rabbit Skin

4424 -Apple, Key Lime

4400-S -Chill/Indigo, Heather Grey/White Stripe, Kelly/White Stripe, Light Pink/Mauve, Light Pink/White Dot, Navy/White Stripe, Raspberry/White Stripe, Red/White Dot Red/White Strip, White/Titanium

Independent Trading

AFX4000Z -Gunmetal Heather, Navy Blue


6089 -Black/Silver, Black/Teal, Spruce

6997 -Khaki

Remember To Remove Or Replace

If you currently offer these discontinued items in your store, please make sure to remove them or replace them before the June 26th deadline. If you were considering offering these items in your store, please refrain from doing so, as they will soon be unavailable.

We apologize for any inconvenience the discontinued items may have caused you. If you have any questions or concern please email us at

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