Understanding White Label & Branding Your Products

What Is White Label?

Printaura is a white label service. You've probably seen this term thrown around before, but might not know what it actually means. White Label simply means that we do not brand the products we print on. We know that the designs are yours, and the customers are yours. We want to give our members the credit they deserve, and the opportunity to add branding of their own. You will never see a Printaura logo or branding of any kind on your items.

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Branding Your Products

Since our products are shipped to your customers without any branding, it's a perfect opportunity for you to put your own branding onto your products. We offer lots of different branding options to help make sure your products are recognizable as being YOURS. If you go into any retail store, you will notice most garments will at least have a branded tag hanging from the item and a branded neck label of some sortl. Brands do this because it helps with brand recognition and allows the customer to have a point of reference after buying the item. If the customer enjoys the item, it's easier for them to look up the brand later and see what else they have to offer.

We offer many branding services free of charge. For instance, we always offer branded packing slips that accompany all of your orders. We also offer customer shipping return labels at no cost.We also offer other branding services at a small fee per item. So, what are some other ways you can expanding your brand using Printauras services?

Hang Tags

Hang tags are a great way to add your branding to any item. You can keep it simple, or get creative with it. You create your neck labels, ship them to us, and we attach the label onto your products before they are shipped out. Check out our article with 12 Inspiring Hang Tag Ideas! We also have an article on the Anatomy of a Tang tag if you are curious about what typically appears on a hang tag.

Example Here's an example of a very well branded hang tag.

Photo via John English

Neck Label Removal

The garments we print your designs on are from other brands like Hanes, Royal Apparel, Bella + Canvas, and others. All of these brands put their own neck labels on their garments. If requested, we can remove these branded labels before your items are shipped out to your customers.

Tagless Label Application

If you've removed the neck label from your product, you should definitely consider adding your own! While we don't sew new neck labels onto shirts, we can apply heat transfer labels to your products. I personally prefer heat transfers to classic neck labels because they are so much more comfortable to wear. There are lots of places that will print out heat transfer for you. All you have to do is get them made, ship them to us, and we take care of the rest!

Example Here's an example of one of a shirt with a heat transfer instead of a sewn in neck label.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 12.20.00 PM

Photo via RVCA


Pack-ins can be a great way to promote your brand with every item you sell! A pack-in is simply a little extra something you send your customers in their orders. Common pack-ins include stickers, hand-written thank you cards, buttons, and other little trinkets that can help with your brand exposure and customer retention. If you want people to return to your shop, try this! Add a coupon in with your customer's order that can be applied to their next order.
Check out our article, How To Build Your Brand Using Pack-ins for more information and ideas!


Can you think of any other ways you'd like to be able to brand your items? We are always open to new ideas and looking for unique ways to make your products uniquely yours!

You can learn more about our branding options by checking out our branding services page.

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